Immune GSH

  • A NEW Breakthrough in science:
  • All Natural Anitviral Formulation Stops RNA Viruses Spreading                                      (CORONA VIRUS, ZIKA, DENGUE & INFLUENZA)
  • Immune GSH increases your ability to boost your glutathione levels
  • Helps to reduce free radical damage that directly relate to Corona virus            complications and death
  • May help in stopping the virus multiplication 
  • Keeps the body system fully alert and armed to fight infections including Corona virus, Zika, Dengue & viruses
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  • A NEW Breakthrough in science:
  • All Natural Anitviral Formulation Stops RNA Viruses Spreading                                  (CORONA VIRUS, ZIKA, DENGUE & INFLUENZA)
  • Pro Immune® 200 is able to suppres 90% of Zika virus multiplication
            (Reference 1)


Immune GSH is a combination of main pre cursors needed for the synthesis of Glutathione in our body.

Comprises of a special combination of all the 3 Amino acids for Glutathione (GSH) synthesis and a special cofactor, selenium (selenomethionine) to activate Glutathione peroxidate and to recycle GSH.

The compounds are natural to the body and combined in a Patented equation ratio to optimize GSH synthesis in every cell in our body.

The synthesis of Glutathione takes place intracellularly, as nature has designed, with vital precursors in Immune-GSH.

The parent formulation of Immune GSH, Proimmune®s immune Formulation 200® is listed in the 2009 Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR), page 2585.

Immune GSH is a mildly sweet white powder.

Immune GSH can be eaten off a spoon, can be sprinkled onto foods or added to beverages.

Immune GSH contains no carbohydrates, fillers, additives or preservatives.

Low Glutathione levels increases the risk of Oxidative Stress ,a major cause for many diseases including cancer.

ProImmune®s immune Formulation 200® that claims to increase bodily GSH levels is supported by Scientific University research demonstrating it to be effective physiologically in increasing intra cellular GSH synthesis.

A consortium of 18 U.S medical research institutions has committed $87,500,000.00 (17.5 million annually for five years) funded largely by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to research and conduct clinical studies regarding (Patent RE42645) Immune Formulation 200®'s influence on various aspects of oxidative stress and Glutathione levels.

In vitro research results from Charles R. Drew University of Medicine Science, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, the University of California (Irvine), the Los Angeles Biomedical Institute, and Harbor-UCLA Medical Center documented the performance of oxidative stress reduction by, ProImmune®s Immune Formulation 200®.

Additionally, in vivo Human Clinical Trials are underway at Drew University of Medicine and Science. Glutathione has a turnover rate (half-life) in the body approximately 36 hours: the body cellular reservoirs of usable Glutathione need to be replenished with components that Immune-GSH provides.

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